Your Website May Need Spring Cleaning.

Any website built on WordPress may need to be cleaned up a bit especially if you have had multiple web developers working on it or if it has been neglected for for the past 2-3 years. This is because you may have too many plugins. Some plugins may have become incompatible with others or simply depreciated and no longer supported. Things change on the internet constantly.

We have found that rebuilding a website with the latest tech gives us the opportunity to audit the entire website. Old photos don’t need to be archived if no one is going to see them. Maybe the company copy needs a refresh. Even a change in color scheme will help rejuvenate an old website. Rebuilding isn’t like going back to square one unless of course you want to.

Many web developers for WordPress like to rely on themes. Sure they take the majority of design work out of the way, but the code they rely on is fragile and may not stand the test of time. We develop WordPress websites with vanilla themes as a base, but design the entire site with the best and most popular page builder that can also overtake headers and footers too! There virtually no website we can’t rebuild or use as reference. So we really don’t use themes directly anymore.

Smaller sites are less costly to rebuild compared to say websites with 100 pages or more. That is because of the labor factor of reformatting each page.

You never know what technology is going to go out of style. At Site Mechanix we use the most popular and current plugins and page builders. If your site is getting old maybe it is time to take a hard look at it. When was the last time you logged in to see your own website?