WordPress Websites Need Constant Maintenance

When WordPress starts behaving badly it is usually because of neglect. For a WordPress website to live on forever, it needs constant maintenance. Why? because every part of WordPress is changing. These changes can cause compatibility problems.

As a website owner it is your responsibility to keep your site going. That means keeping credit cards at the domain registrar and the web host up to date. It also means keeping software up to date.

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems. It’s popularity makes it a target for hacking. That is why you should spend a little time and login once in a while to make sure the WordPress core files, themes and plugins are all up to date. WordPress will indicate when items need to be updated. For the most part these can be handled with a simple click of a button. There are times when an updated causes problems. This is extremely rare for sites that are maintained, but for sites that are neglected an update can cause havoc. Too much time going by can produce problems when updating. Make sure you have some sort of automated backup system in case you need to rewind the site back before the update.

At least have a web person that you trust help you with your WordPress website if this task is too geeky or too scary for you. It is another world, if you are not in it all the time, it can really get daunting.

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