Why WordPress?

Most people have heard of WordPress and it continues to dominate in the website marketplace. If you are new to WordPress, think of it as a pre-packaged website that allows you to login to the back end and make changes. If you were to build a website in HTML, the old fashioned way, you wouldn’t have this back end administrative capability. Your changes would have to be made with knowledge of coding. That is soo early 2000!

If you are considering a new website, you need to be familiar with the options that are out there. If you hire a developer to build a website for you from scratch it would be both expensive and unaccessable to maintain. Let’s say you wanted to change your office hours that is displayed on your website’s footer, you would need the original developer or equally competent person who can rangle with raw code. With pre-packaged websites around, coding a website from scratch is essentially reinventing the wheel. If you think long term, WordPress is the type of website platform that requires some knowledge, but not a lot.

If you need help with your WordPress website there are a lot of inexpensive experienced consultants that you can hire to help you. If you like to do things yourself, there are tons of YouTube videos that will help you learn the ins and outs of WordPress. Site Mechanix offers training to all its website customers. Most don’t have the time and that is OK too. Site Mechanix offers affordable maintenance whenever needed.

WordPress is also known as a CMS which stands for Content Management System. There are also other CMS platforms available. For example: Wix, Yola, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, SquareSpace and Shopify to name a few. So the concept of no coding to build a website is nothing new and it keeps getting better all the time. Site Mechanix chose to develop websites with WordPress more than 15 years ago. Crazy huh? It is a popular platform with numerous options. What we like is the connection between the core system and the templates. Problems can be fixed easily. WordPress has withstood the test of time even though it is constantly being updated and improved.

Wix, for example, is also a good platform. They host all the websites for their customers and they have an adminstrative login for customers to go in and build pretty much any website they want. Once you get used to the page editor you will find that it is pretty easy to make pages for your website that look professional. Not all CMS platforms are the same. In fact they can be quite different. If you can get a free trial before you commit to a subscription it would be a good way to test if the platform is a good fit for your needs.

At Site Mechanix we have tried many of the platforms mentioned in this article and we still like WordPress the best. It is the most flexible. We are always open to examining other platforms but we have yet to find one that beats WordPress.

Maintenance is important because of the constant updates from plugins and themes. Never let your WordPress website languish for too long as it can cause problems. Ask Site Mechanix about the best hosting for WordPress, where your site can be made secure from hacking and have daily backups.