Website Development

Let’s have a discussion about your website or your future website. What do you want it to do? What do you want it to look like? We can use the internet itself for inspiration. Site Mechanix can mimic anything.

Next we will build a home page mockup to get things started. We can tweak the mockups until you feel we are on the right track. 

We can also help you procure domains and website hosting. We recommend only the best hosting for WordPress. 

The mockups serve as a bit of a road map for content. However, it can go the other way where your content guides everything visually. As the owner of the business, content has to come from you. At least the words. We can figure out photography and stock photos later.

By the way, we exclusively use WordPress for website development. About 45% of the internet is composed of WordPress websites, so you will be in good company.

WordPress for the Masses

Depending on the situation, we can develop live on a new website or put a splash page on that keeps the public from seeing weirdness when we are building. The splash page could say “COMING SOON” or “Pardon Our Mess”, something like that. We supply you a login for your website so that you can view progress behind the splash page.

Alternatively, we can set up a staging site with sub domain. In some cases we use some of our own spare domains to develope on. When the site is approved we pack it up and install it on your website.

Everyone is different. We have customers who are hands off because they don’t want to or are too busy. We get that. We also have customers who want to dig in. We love teaching clients how to make changes on their own website. It isn’t hard, but for the deep rabbit hole stuff you might want to contact us for help.