The Need for Speed

Everyone likes a fast website. Who has the time to wait for a page to load. There are a lot of tricks to help optimize your website’s loading speed from compressing images to blocking unnecessary scripts from loading. The one thing we have found to be one of the biggest load monsters is website hosting.

Page builders do slow down sites, but we need them. So what can we do?

According to the biggest culprit is the server response. You can easily eliminate 3-4 seconds of load time just by moving your website to a faster host. It will cost more. So how badly do want this speed?

If you are spending around $100 per year on hosting and you would like for your website to load faster. There are some very nice options for website hosting at around $250-$350 per year. If you have just one website that is not a bad investment. Even if you have multiple websites most of these hosting plans will allow more than one website.

The rest is simply blocking the loading of unnecessary scripts and compressing images. If you have a lot of large images, consider using a Content Deliver Network (CDN) to help speed up your imgae loading time.