Subscription Hell

It is becoming a subscription society. Everywhere we turn around we have to sign up and pay monthly or annually. If you audit your statements around tax time you may have noticed that every year you are paying more on subscriptions than ever.

We all grew up paying monthly bills. Remember when you could rent a movie and then return it the next day. That sale was final. Now we pay monthly for Netflix and maybe a handful of other online entertainment.
That may be forgivable because we get a good service in exchange. That isn’t so with all subscriptions.

I have noticed a disturbing trend with software development and this has also trickled down to the plugins that you use with WordPress. Instead of paying a one time fee for software you have to be on a subscription. This gets expensive over time. It gets even more expensive when everything you use becomes a subscription. I’m sure everyone has a breaking point somewhere. I’m all for a developer making money, but we can’t have everything be on a subscription. I would also speculate that some plugins don’t give enough value to be on a subscription.

So what can we do? It looks like we will have to be forever vigilant. Look for alternatives without subscriptions. Look for alternatives with competitive subscription with either more value or more economical pricing.

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