Spring Cleaning Your Website

It is a good idea to spruce up your website from time to time. I recommend doing a website design update at least once every 3 years. That might sound self serving for Site Mechanix, but life on the internet moves fast and 3 years is a long time. You want to keep up with design trends so that your customers see that your company is evolving.

Consider your company logo and colors. Could the logo be simplified? Could the colors be streamlined? It is OK to update your logo from time to time. Look at Kodak and Nike. Visually they didn’t stand still in 70s. They keep improving on their brand’s mark over time. When you spring clean your website, it would be a good time to think about your logo.

Over time, WordPress especially, can get loaded full of photos and posts that aren’t seen any more. By keeping these useless assets around you end up growing your backups to the point where they might cost you extra money.

Redoing your website is a perfect opportunity to audit themes and plugins. There might be something better or cheaper to replace them with. Your hosting account may need to be reconsidered. With WordPress, you need a fast server to cut down on load time. I’m talking 8 seconds to fractions of a second. A lot of this is determined by how fast your hosting server responds to requests.

Don’t let your website get old and moldy. Keep it fresh. Heck it gives you another excuse to market your company and stay relevant.