Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

Site Mechanix was tasked just recently to find an ADA solution for a restaurant owner for their website. It was the first time that we had ever looked into this and what we found was very eye opening. This past March, the Department of Justice (DOJ) issued an opinion on ADA Compliance related to websites. The subject has come up before, but this time the DOJ has taken a stance that will most likely prompt future law suits. Once more, this is not just about blind web customers, there are many types of afflictions that are recognized disabilities that hamper web page browsing. Colors, contrast and even an image slider can trigger seizures. People with Parkinsons disease find it difficult to click and scroll. These are things that we take for granted. If there was a simple and reliable solution you could gain a segment of the population that your competitors may not be thinking about.

After researching four different companies we decided that accissiBe was the best solution. It is easy to install on most any website and was the most cost effective. There are even more benefits to using accissiBe for ADA compliance. Your website will be scanned every 24 hours and the widget makes ADA compliance reports available for anyone wanting to review them. Just having the accessiBe disabilty icon in the lower left or right part of your website will discourage most litigants. If you do get approached for compliance concerns, accessiBe has your back with all the proof you need for your defence.

The accessiBe widget gives the disabled all kinds of ways to control how your site appears to them. The widget allows them to mute colors or highlight areas for focus. Font size and contrast tools to make text easier to read. AccessiBe does all of this without affecting your website code that was originally designed without disabilites in mind. Alternative text tags are produced on the fly using artificial intelligence giving your website an SEO boost in the process. The other compliance companies we researched were a lot more expensinve and they need more time to code the website to reach compliancy. Installing accessiBe on the website is fast and provides website owners a way of saying “Yes! Our website is ADA Compliant!”. Click the disabilities icon you see on the lower right on this page and can see what it does for the handicapped.

Site Mechanix is prepared to help you acheive ADA compliance on your website. We can install the ADA compliance widget on your website and procure the accessiBe subscription for you. You can do this yourself too If you can log into the backend of your website, for example if your website is on the WordPress platform, you can install the widget code within the body tags of your website. However, if you need someone experienced with websites, Site Mechanix can get it done for you the right way.

For more information and to get started, click here. We can install it and you can try it our for free for 7 days. We can also change the colors on the widget to match the colors on your website.