Graphic Design

With new websites, sometimes new collateral is needed as well. Be it business cards, brochures or tradeshow graphics. We’ve got you covered.

We can even help you with your logo. Which is good pace to start even before working on the website. The more you can tell us about what you would like to see in your logo design the less time it will take to develop.  If you don’t know what you want, it is possible that we can’t help you.

The logo design process starts with a conversation and samples of target “looks.” This way we know what to try and avoid when we do our first batch. We like to design in black and white. The reason is because it is easier to see the logo’s balance. The first iteration might be 9 samples and after review the second iteration might be 3. Each time we are getting closer to what you want. We are communicating visually.

Once we have the final logo picked out and approved, we can try different colors. This is probably the most fun you will ever have with your logo.

Do you want to see some samples? See Gallery.


Just like with your logo you will need to help us understand what you want. A simple sketch on paper will help us layout the graphics the way you envision, whether it be a postcard, brochure or freestanding banner.

We have our own favorite stock houses for photos, graphics and even videos. Some of our clients prefer to procure their own images either by photographer or their own stock house. Procuring royalty free images is easy. If you don’t like what we have picked, you certainly can find your own. Not a problem for us.

Next comes printing. Most customers have their own favorite printer, but if you need some suggestions from us, Vista Print is a great place to start. We only suggest Vista because so many businesses use them. The important part is knowing who the printer is because most print places have templates to use for printing guidelines, like bleeds, trim marks and file formats.

Do you want to see some samples? See Gallery.


Putting ads in publications is similar to designing for collateral in that we need the ad format and guidelines. Each publication will have this.

An important consideration is orientation. Is the ad vertical (portrait) or horizontal (landscape).  Along with that will be the dimensions. This should width by height in that order. This is true wether it print or online ad. We hope the guidelines help us through it.

If you are promoting something that has a time limited. We need to make sure that fact is clearly stated somewhere on the ad. It usually appear at the bottom with an asterisk.

Do you want to see some samples? See Gallery.