Graphic Design Help

If you routinely use graphic design software like Photoshop, Illustrator or even Canva online, you probably don’t need help with graphic design. For the majority of business owners there just isn’t enough time to learn and work all that software. Once more, what would you do with it if you did? No need to be embarrased. It is always more efficient to get things done with expert help. That is why I leave taxes to my accountant.

There are many visual facets to your business that need to be graphically tuned to look your best. For example, how’s your company logo? Does it need to be cleaned up or redesigned to freshen up? I run into bitmapped logos all the time that are too small for what the customer wants to use it for. If a vector version doesn’t exist I will request a high resolutions logo. Starting to sound geeky? Bitmapped graphics are simply fixed resolution files. Like your television, the screen is made up of thousands or millions of colored dots that form the image. A 100 pixel by 50 pixel logo is too small for print. If you have a logo designed for your business, the designer should always provide to you a vector version. A vector logo file is made up of shapes that are plotted mathematically. The advantage with vector graphics is that they can be used small or large with the same file. They are always sharp. There are a variety of file formats to use depending on how the logo will be applied.

While we do a lot of things digitally on the internet, there is still a physical world out there where business cards and brochures need to make a lasting impression. Some businesses can get by with Microsoft Word documents for brochures or one sheets, however, there are limitations as to what you can do to pull off a professional looking document. Here, someone that does formatting and layout routinely would come in handy. By the way, your website is a sort of a living digital brochure. Does all of your business print and digital assets appear to be coming from the same company? They should. Your customers need to recognize your material no matter where it shows up.

Even if you have all of this established it doesn’t hurt to update the look every 2 to 3 years to keep your brand looking fresh. Maybe the logo needs to be simplified more. Your company’s print and digital collateral may need to feel more new, even if it has the same information.

You can of course count on Site Mechanix to help you with your logo, print and digital collateral for your business. Please take a look at our online portfolio here.