Got Content?

Most of the small business clients that I work with are passionate about their businesses. So much so that there is usually a wealth of information that we can put in their website. This is important for many reasons. It helps inform potential customers of their products and services. It also helps Google index your website correctly in order display your site to the right visitors.

Before you contact a web designer, you really need to have some text prepared. This is important because the text will inform the designer of what types of visual cues to use in the page design like what type of photo or graphic element to use. The basic text that you should have available is for pages like the home page, about and contact page. The home page should be a sales pitch on why customers need this product or service. The about page should contain text that tells who, where and what is behind the products or services being sold. The contact page should contain any relavent forms of communication data such as phone, email and address.

You can expand from there to include a team page, testimonial page or media page. With any of these pages, make sure you have enough items to show that your company has been around for awhile. This helps boost confidence. For example 3 or more team members, 7 or more testimonials and 3 or more places that your company has appeared in the media.

Additionally showing who your affiliated with can boost credibility. This could be products that you use for the services you provide or it could companies that use your product or service. By all means, use any kind awards or certifications to show that your company already has levels of success in the community.

Beyond that, there is blogging or article lists. This is a way to build your page depth and authority on topics related to your business. That is exactly what I am doing here. I call them guides, but they are simply blog posts. I feel that they could be considered mini articles. However, if you have a lot of text, articles might be the best way to showcase your knowledge. The more pages or posts that you make on your website the more Google will take note of you. There are of course many more aspects to SEO than that, but this is the best way to start.

If writing is a challenge for you, hire a professional writer. Content is king on the internet. You can inquire about professional writers through Site Mechanix and we will refer you to some of the writers we know.