eCommerce is not Easy

So you want to sell things online. Are you ready for the learning curve? You will need to pay attention to everything otherwise your online store could fail. WordPress is a good option for an online store front by way of WooCommerce. However, be aware that you should weigh that with SquareSpace and Shopify options. I mention these options because SquareSpace and Shopify are managed so that you don’t have to worry about updates and end up with your site not functioning. The caveat is that you will be stuck with their default templates. For some that will be OK. For those who want special functionality there will be more premiums ahead of you.

WordPress with WooCommerce is a flexible combination. Plugins help extend the WooCommerce functionality. This makes it more economical compared to hiring a certified SquareSpace or Shopify developer to customize the feature that you want for your store.

The problem with WordPress with WooCommerce is that you can not set it and forget it like you can SquareSpace and Shopify. Your online store will need tending too almost every day. WordPress and WooCommerce are constantly being updated and so are the plugins. Sometimes the plugins you are using may have compatibility problems with the new updates. That is why you as an online store owner will need to be flexible as well. If there is a problem with a plugin there is likely another solution. Don’t go with the cheapest plugin from Russia or France.

On top of that you need to make sure that your customers can reach you and that you are getting order notifications from you website. There will be problems and you can easily over come them with all communication channels open. You may need to manage inventory, adjust product prices and shipping rates. Make sure you have an accountant who can steer you through the sales tax quagmire.

I don’t recommend doing this by yourself. It is very complicated and confusing. It is best to have an experienced web developer help you. Site Mechanix has completed a number of WordPress with WooCommerce store fronts and will advise you of the best options.