Don’t Miss Out! Are you Ignoring Some Customers?

Is your business missing potential sales because you haven’t considered making your website easier for individuals with disabilities? Who are these potential customers? They are individuals with disabilities such as epilepsy, blindness, motor impairments, cognitive disabilities, and more.

Your competition may or may not have considered this segment of the population. But you could. It is easier than you might imagine. No need to totally rebuild your website. Instead we have a widget that transposes your website colors and fonts so that a disabled individual can more easily understand your product offering. With this widget installed, your business website can be more inclusive.

Do you sell products or services that an individual with disabilities might want to learn about?

It could be financial or health services. It could be a shoe or a snack of some kind. The bottom line is that individuals with disabilities have wallets too and may want what you are offering. Let’s try to close that gap.

There are even more benefits such as being ADA compliant. The department of justice considers websites as public places. Don’t get caught off guard with a demand letter. Even if you do get one, we have a simple solution that is both cost effective and easy to install. Then we run a report showing that your website is in compliance.

Besides that, it is just good business. Join the likes of other large names like Pacific Life, Energizer, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic, Pillsbury, Six Flags and more.

Site Mechanix knows the importance of web accessibility and digital inclusion. Call us to schedule a demonstration at (602) 904-5572. Or send us a message from this form to get compliant.

Web Accessibility Must be a Priority to Every Business.
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