We’ve been developing with WordPress since 2004. We can answer questions based on experience not just tech descriptions. We are also not apposed to researching a question that we are not familiar with.

Don’t worry if you have never purchased a domain name or hosting. We can guide you through it and we can help you procure domain names, hosting, software licences, stock photos. Whatever is needed to make your goals real.

Sometimes there is something weird going on with your website. We can look into it for you. Most of the time it is an expired credit card that causes issues. It is important to stay on top of that like anything you pay a subscription for. Unlike losing a streaming services some delinquent domain or hosting accounts can mean your website has vaporized for good.

We’ll even sit on a support call with your hosting provider on your behalf. We know you have better things to do.


WordPress needs updates almost once a week. This is important so that your website is kept secure and running smoothly. There is a particular order in which to update the core WordPress files, themes and plugins. Sometimes a conflict can occur. We can flush out those compatibility issues and get youe website humming again.

We do not require monthly maintenance, but some of our customers prefer that we take a look under the hood once a month to mitigate unwanted surprises. It is economical and a good insurance policy for peace of mind.

Some of our customers like the idea of just emailing or calling in to have their website updated. Others would like to do it themselves. That’s great! We like¬†


Some of customers would rather that we do updates on their behalf  because well it is just easier. Others want to get in and make their own updates. We think that is great! We would be happy to show you how to upload images and make edits on your own website.

With a Zoom call we can share screens so that we can show you which buttons to click. It goes much faster than reading instructions. Plus, we can go at your pace. Do a little at a time so that you are not overwhelmed or show you the whole kit and kaboodle. You can always couunt on us for the more techie stuff.

We use Elementor as the theme design and page builder. It may appear daunting at first, but with a one-on-one conference call we focus on the task at hand. Before you know it you will become more familiar and possibly drunk with power.