Stop Uploading Super Large Images

Many website owners are not aware that uploading large images creates problems later on. These large images will take time to display for your visitors. WordPress and certain plugins make different sized copies of the uploaded image on the fly. This creates more files and more megabytes to store. Today’s phones and cameras can make […]

Subscription Hell

It is becoming a subscription society. Everywhere we turn around we have to sign up and pay monthly or annually. If you audit your statements around tax time you may have noticed that every year you are paying more on subscriptions than ever. We all grew up paying monthly bills. Remember when you could rent […]

eCommerce is not Easy

So you want to sell things online. Are you ready for the learning curve? You will need to pay attention to everything otherwise your online store could fail. WordPress is a good option for an online store front by way of WooCommerce. However, be aware that you should weigh that with SquareSpace and Shopify options. […]

Spring Cleaning Your Website

It is a good idea to spruce up your website from time to time. I recommend doing a website design update at least once every 3 years. That might sound self serving for Site Mechanix, but life on the internet moves fast and 3 years is a long time. You want to keep up with […]

The Need for Speed

Everyone likes a fast website. Who has the time to wait for a page to load. There are a lot of tricks to help optimize your website’s loading speed from compressing images to blocking unnecessary scripts from loading. The one thing we have found to be one of the biggest load monsters is website hosting. […]

Link Rot

It’s true. Links can get old. What you linked to yesterday can be gone sometime in the near future. That is because most all websites and their pages are constantly changing. For your link to be valid it has to go where you intended. My advice that I give clients who want to link to […]

WordPress Websites Need Constant Maintenance

When WordPress starts behaving badly it is usually because of neglect. For a WordPress website to live on forever, it needs constant maintenance. Why? because every part of WordPress is changing. These changes can cause compatibility problems. As a website owner it is your responsibility to keep your site going. That means keeping credit cards […]